Shufa Whisky Tumbler Set/ 6


MRP: 2995/- SET’6

With a modern design, inspired by calligraphic ink paintings of Chinese mountain rock landscapes, this Nachtmann N98151 Shu Fa 11.25 oz. rocks / double old fashioned glass brings a contemporary look to every upscale setting. This glass is perfect for serving your specialty liquors neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails, with a traditional straight-sided design and decorative cut glass styling that highlights the brilliance of the crystalline glass to full effect. At the same time, the substantial feel exudes luxury for every cocktail you serve. Heightened fracture resistance means longer-lasting glassware, while the easy to clean design makes it great for high-traffic restaurants, lounges, and catered events.

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98151 (639/71)
Height: 101 mm 4“
Largest: 82 mm 3 2/9“
Capacity: 330 ml 11 2/3 oz

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