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Birds, cornucopias and trees of life meet tendrils, flowers and cameos. The heraldic animals, fantasy creatures and plant arrangements inspired by the Orient, Renaissance and Art Nouveau are reminiscent of Rosenthal’s rich heritage. A collection of heraldic motifs and symbols becomes an artistic coexistence telling stories of families and generations. The luxurious decor, with an elegant palette of black, chocolate brown and Prussian blue accentuated by golden highlights, is reminiscent of Gianni Cinti’s fashion work for Gianfranco Ferr√©.


The Rosenthal Heritage Turandot mug 36 cl bears a beautiful motif by designer Gianni Cinti. The design features a gorgeous scene of verdant leaves and colourful flowers adorned with golden details in the form of dragonflies. A golden line encircles the rim of the cup and runs down the top of its angular handle. A small adornment inside the cup serves as an additional elegant flourish. Pair the stylish mug with other matching elements from the radiant Turandot collection.

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