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Ekaani always offer best from its treasure of antique, this time its 2 Sugar Pot. It’s a unique piece with beautiful design work on it. It a beautifully crafted piece of tea set for caffeine lovers, extremely classy and elegant product, can be used for a gifting purpose also.


Memorable moments always become great memories, Decorate your wall with such beautiful and hilarious memories with Ekaani’s Frame with Crystal. It has been designed very differently with distinct design all over it. Share all good & amaze memories in these fascinating and extremely beautiful photo frames. It’s an ideal choice for gifting and letting all glorious glimpse remembered for long years.


Amethyst T Light pair is made up of high quality material and is light in weight. It is quite durable and looks elegant and is a stunning addition to your decoration for any occasion. The candle holder is small in size but it spruces up the space in a big way. Collect it from Ekaani’s décor collection in attractive prices.


Ganesh means Lord of Lords, an antique finish Arch Ganesh is depicted with an elephant head on a human body. In Hindus tradition he is the son of lord Shiva and the Goddess Parvati. Presence of Ganesh is symbolized with wisdom, stability and good luck, he is known for removing obstacles and is prayed before starting any new business or event.


Laxmi is an Hindu goddess of wealth and abundance, she holds 2 lotus as a symbol of feminine beauty and fertility. You can collect Arch Laxmi statue fabricated with quality material and has fine line of alluring design. The design is so clean and alluring that it attracts everyone’s focus. You can collect the Arch Laxmi Statue from Ekanni.


Lord Ganesh?is worshiped first before starting anything new.?Lord Ganesha?clears the obstacles and paves the way for us to move forward in life. The large elephant head of?Lord Ganesha?symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect that one must possess to attain perfection in life.


We offer sturdy and flawless designs of idol Balaji, fabricated by our skilled and professional craftsmen, using quality porcelain as material. The Balaji idol in black & golden combination remains always in demand by domestic and corporate sectors as a symbol of purity and prosperity that improves the surroundings by eliminating negativity.

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